Yesterday was an amazing gambling day and we have been playing for 8 hours till 4am. Insane but very funny 🙂 Do you know Ronaldino, the famous soccer player? He was playing blackjack just next to us 🙂 Promise, our friend what we met in Hawaii and who works in Aria Casino, she told us that Ronaldino is just here :)) While standing and watching Ronaldino BJ game, one couple asked us, if we are going to play as well on same table with him. Minimum bet for one game was $100 so we start to smile and talk to new canadian friends Laken and Mike :)) Sooo crazy couple, exactly the same way as we are :)) we switched contacts and after 5 hours of sleep we met again and have a great fun at their hotel room and hotel pool&spa:)) This is the reason, why you should travel 😉 every day is different, everyday is awesome.